Thursday, 14 February, 2013

Dear Parents and Guardians

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone back to school.  We extend a very special welcome to all the new pupils, parents and guardians to the Hillcrest family and wish you a fruitful association with the school.

Mrs. Jacha and Mr. Nhema are on a term’s leave.  We wish them a well deserved rest.  On teaching attachment are Messrs, David Nyabadza, Richard Zviuya, Boniface Nderezina, Ngola Torres and Mmes, Memory Masenhu & Khatija Ismail.  Messrs Dominic Corbeett and John Back are exchange students from the United Kingdom.  They are assisting in the cultural activities of the school.  We also would like to wish these ladies and gentlemen all the very best during their short stint with us.

We have declared 2013, a ‘Year of Excellence’ in Academics, Sports and Cultural activities.  We look forward to a diverse curriculum and instructional methods that will benefit our pupils in their Checkpoint, IGCSE and ‘A’ Level courses.

Sports & Culture


Our girls swimming team came second in the first gala at Watershed and third at the Inter School’s ‘B’ Section finals.  Our cricket team won by 7 wickets against Westridge but lost to Eaglesvale and Marondera High.  

Inter House Cross Country Results

Bvumba came first, Chimanimani second and Nyangani was last.  Individual results were as follows;

U14 & 15 Girls        -    N. Mukwewa
U14 & 15 Boys         -    M. Torindo
U16 & 17 Girls        -    S. Machinga
U16 & 17 Boys        -    A. White
U18 & Open Girls    -    R. Mzinde
U18 & Open Boys    -    S. Machona


So far this term we have had a few cultural activities.  We had our first drama workshop at the Courtald Theatre on acting on the 1st of February 2013.  Mr. & Mrs. Brown ran the workshop for us and from the feedback we received from pupils, they benefited immensely from the workshop.  We will be holding a few more workshops during the course of the term in order to improve the quality of our inter house drama.  We have also had our first inter house competition this term, Inter House Quiz.  This year it was won by Bvumba.  The results were as follows;

JuniorsSeniors Overall
1st    -  Bvumba (34 points)1st    -  Bvumba (35points)1st  -  Bvumba (69points)
2nd   -  Chimanimani (16 points)2nd   -  Nyangani (20 points)2nd -  Nyangani (35 points)
3rd   -   Nyangani (15 points)3rd   -   Chimanimani (14 points)3rd  -  Chimanimani (30 pts)

The choirs and the music band are currently preparing for the Allied Arts Festival that will be on in Harare from the 24th March to the 1st March 2013.  The ROI club will be holding their first ever triathlon here at the school on the 1st of March 2013.  They want to raise funds to donate to various charities.

We are also preparing for our Cultural Evening on the 27th March 2013.  On the night of the cultural evening we are planning to have a blend of music, poetry and drama from our pupils.  There will also be an art exhibition to be held by our Art Department.  The pupils will show their art pieces which will be on sale.

Academic Results

The Cambridge 2012 Checkpoint, IGCSE, ‘AS’ and ‘A’ Level results are out and we are pleased with our pupils’ performance.

(i)    Checkpoint Results - The best pupils are as follows:

English Set 1     -    N. Nyanhanda
English Set 2     -    P. Mupinda
English Set 3     -    D. Dzonga
Overall Best     -    N. Nyanhanda

Maths Set 1        -    M. Madzudzo
Maths Set 2     -    T. Nyikadzino
Maths Set 3        -    C. Taurayi
Overall Best     -    M. Madzudzo

Science Set 1    -    M. Madzudzo
Science Set 2    -    K. Shoko
Science Set 3     -    T. Gadzikwa
Overall Best     -    M. Madzudzo

(ii)    IGCSE – The percentage pass rates are detailed below;

•    Form 4A1    -    91%

The best pupils areA*ABC
Chisenwa Melissa   (Girl)4411
Gonese Tinashe  (Boy)37  

•    Form 4A2    -    71%

The best pupils areA*ABC
Muzorori Raviro  (Girl)1232
Ah Kom Yen  (Boy) 332

•    Form 5    -    49%

The best pupils areA*ABCD
Aboo Mariam  (Girl)  142
Chioza Sasha (Boy) 125 

(iii)    ‘AS’ Level – The percentage pass rate is 92%

(iv)    ‘A’ Level – The percentage pass rate is 94%

The best pupils are   Points
Utsiwegota Rufaro (Girl)1A*2B's 13
Zinhumwe Ruvimbo (Girl)1A*2B's 13
Mbofana MacMillane (Boy)1A1B1C12
Ncube Thulani (Boy) 3B's 12

New Appointments

(i)    Staff Appointments

•    Teacher I/C Trophies            -    Mrs. V. Rajah
•    Teacher I/C Contact Magazine        -    Mrs. A. Mastara
•    Teacher I/C Careers             -    Mrs. M. Kwari
•    Director of Studies             -    Mrs. M. Kwari
•    House Master – Bvumba House        -    Mr. T. Jeranyama

(ii)    Pupils

•    Drama Club President         -    C. Kies
•    Senior Choir            -    H. Tapera

•    Girls Captain            -    C. Kies
•    Boys Captain            -    B. Munyawarara

•    Girls Captain            -    V. Mawere
•    Boys Captain            -    T. Kamba

•    Girls Captain            -    G. Kundiona
•    Boys Captain            -    N. Chibuwe

Sports Captains

•    Cricket            -    N. Chibuwe
•    Soccer             -    N. Chibuwe
•    Rugby             -    N. Chibuwe
•    Boys Hockey         -    T. Katandika
•    Boys Basketball        -    A. Shoniwa
•    Girls Tennis         -    M. Shumba
•    Swimming         -    C. Kies & A. Chan Jack
•    Girls Hockey         -    N. Kupemba
•    Girls Basketball         -    M. Sigauke
•    Girls Soccer         -    N. Kupemba

We wish all our staff and pupils God’s blessings in their new offices.

Raffle Tickets

The draw date for the raffle has been set as the 27th of March, 2013 at the College.  Prizes are currently on display at the College Office.  We encourage parents to buy the raffle tickets from the front office so that construction of the 6th Form dormitory continues to completion.

Upcoming Events

•    Zonal Athletics         -    2nd March 2013
•    Inter House Athletics    -    8th March 2013
•    Districts Athletics         -    16th March 2013

In conclusion, it is important for Hillcrest College community and friends to work together for excellence in 2013.  We will succeed in our efforts if we keep in mind that excellence for the College will come from hard work, perseverance, a common dream, the desire and our vision.  Let us put our ideas together and do something about them.  Hillcrest College community are according to Nolan Bushnell, ‘the true entrepreneurs, the doers’ in the year of excellence.

I wish you all a restful mid-term break.