Mid Term Break

Wednesday, 21 October, 2015

Dear Parents and Guardians

It seems impossible that it is exam time again but the Jacaranda’s are out which is a sure sign that the exams have started or are about to start.  The Upper 6s and Form 4s in most cases have been serious and diligent in their efforts to prepare for their final exams.    

All of these exams have come upon us very quickly but the Staff have kept the pupils busy and well informed on their exam content and procedures. It has been very hot but the hall is very light with good air circulation. The Form 4s and U6s are really looking forward to their swot leave and I hope they will realise that their teachers are here for them at any stage that they feel they need some help.

This term has been less frantic and we have been lucky enough to have many home fixtures. The cricket has been less fortunate but I am pleased to say they are practising hard with the help of outside coaches to encourage and motivate them further. Overleaf is a summary of results for cricket matches played this far in the term;

Swimming - The girls swimming team have trained hard and had a successful gala at the ‘B’ Section Final Swimming Gala held at Heritage.  The girls came 2nd out 7 schools.

Girls Swimming Team at Heritage

The overall results for the Inter House Swimming Gala held on the 9th October are as follows;
1st Position with 595 Points   -           Bvumba
2nd Position with 372 Points  -           Nyangani
3rd Position with 354 Points -           Chimanimani 

Tennis - The Girls tennis results have been fair with both wins and losses.  These are the results for the matches played so far in the term;

           Tennis Results






Arundel ‘B’

Draw 6 - 6

Lost 5 - 7

Lost 3 - 9

Won 8 - 4

Peterhouse ‘B’

Lost 5 - 7

Lost 1 - 11

Lost 2 - 10

Lost 0 - 12


Won 12 - 0

Won 8 - 4

Lost 2 - 10

Lost 2 - 10


Soccer - The girls and boys soccer 1st teams participated in the CHISZ Soccer Tournament held in August and September.  The boys’ team was ranked 10th position out of 15 schools.  The following were the match’s results;

CHISZ Soccer Results


Boys’ 1St Team


Girls’ 1st Team


Lost 1 – 2


Lost 1 - 3


Lost 0 – 2


Lost 0 - 1


Lost 0 – 3


Won 1 - 0


Drew 1 - 1




Won 2 – 0




Won 1 – 0




Lost 0 - 1








Culture - Our Drama Club has been very active this term producing an evening of drama with Africa University.  It was a most enjoyable evening and very well put together.  They also performed at the National Art Gallery in Mutare on the 18th September. Again they were exceptional and commended highly on their performance that evening by the audience.

Drama Night

Our Art Department has once again excelled itself at the Manicaland Show winning the award for the most points in the Art Section.  Our congratulations go to the pupils and Ms Evans for this achievement and my hope is that we will continue to improve and grow in this field.  



This was a fantastic evening which was a well organised event by the U6 Dance Committee. The Dinner was held at La Rochelle with a marquee situated on the front lawn, beautifully decorated with dazzling lights. The young ladies were turned out exquisitely and the boys were also very smart. The whole ambiance of the evening was very special and the Upper 6 all thoroughly enjoyed the evening.  Our sincere thanks go to Mrs Mtisi for her guidance and assistance in organising the venue and also to Mr and Mrs Ewart for their organisation and hard work in making it all come together. We are most grateful.

6th Form Leavers’ Dinner Dance

We held our Final Assembly this morning for the Upper 6. We would like to pay tribute to them all for their contributions to Hillcrest College while they have been here with us.  As you will see from the list below many of them have received awards for their commitment to the school over the last 6 years in academics, sport and culture.

Sports Tags and Colours Awards

Tennis Tag Re-Awards                       Swimming Tag Re-Awards                 Cricket Tag Re-Award
T. Muchabaiwa                                   A. Kwari                                              T. Pieters
N. Nyanhete                                       R. Tuhwe
R. Mberi                                              N. Nyanhanda                                                Cricket Tag New Awards
S. Muzawazi                                       C. Hundermark                                   B. Bhila
Q. Knife
Tennis New Tag Awards                    Swimming New Tag Awards              G. Mutsira
W.Takaidza                                         R. Bryer                                               T. Mutseriwa
R. Masvikeni                                       G. Mashiki
T. Gunha                                            A. Hundermark
K. Zishiri

Volleyball New Awards                     Boys’ Soccer Team Tag Re-Awards    New Tag Award
R. Eusebio                                           T. Matare                                            T. Warara
F. Masiyakurima                                 S. Machona                                         A. Motsi
S. Wisikesi                                                                                                       T. Mapfumo
L. Antunes                                          Full Colours                                        K. Marara
S. Machona                                         M. Toronga
Girls’ Soccer Team Tag Re-Award                                                                 E. Tanyanyiwa
L. Antunes                                          Girls Soccer New Tag Awards                        M. Matsekeza
K. Nechironga                                     F. Masiyakurima                                 L. Maisera
R. Mberi                                              T. Gunha                                             P. Mutasa
N. Sabau                                             T. Kuzomunhu                                                T. Mavera
N. Kupemba                                        L. Costa                                               T. Muchemwa
T. Muchabaiwa
R. Tuhwe                                             Half Colours
                                                            T. Tichareva


Culture Tags and Colours Awards

Leos New Tag Awards                        Interact New Tag Awards                  Snr Choir New Awards
K. Jones                                               E. Kawadza                                         C. Chipamba
C. Mazara                                           Q. Knife                                               N. Nyanhete
T. Mazara                                            S. Machona                                         R. Eusebio
T. Mtizwa                                            L. Mpofu                                             S. Wisikesi
T. Ewart                                              T. Muchabaiwa                                   L. Majongwe
T. Tichareva                                        T. Muchirahondo                               S. Matsaira
T. Pieters                                             K. Nechironga                                     N. Nkulumo
M. Muzarurwi                                     B. Rusawo                                           P. Jera
T. Munjoma                                        R. Mandianike                                                G. Mashiki
K. Tiengane
Marimba Tags Re-Awards
G. Mutsira                                          Scripture Union Re-Awards               SU New Tag Awards
                                                            F. Masiyakurima                                 T. Matare
Half Colours Re-Awards                    R. Mberi                                              C. Chipamba
M. Seva                                               T. Zinhumwe                                       T. Munjoma
T. Nyakudzuka                                                E. Kawadza                                         E. Kawadza
B. Rusawo
Chess New Awards                            Sign Lang. New Awards
Scripture Union Full Colors               W. Munguma                                     C. Chiwanza, D. Macedo
S. Machona                                         E. Chitakatira                                      L. Majongwe, L. Majongwe
T. Zinhumwe                                       D. Dzonga
Toastmasters New Awards                                                                           A. Kwari
N. Nyanhete                                       Chess Half Colours                             T. Majuru
T. Muchabaiwa                                   W. Munguma                                     M. Masunda
C. Mazara                                           E. Chitakatira                                      L. Mpofu
K. Jones                                               T. Zinhumwe                                       G. Mtatiwa
C. Hundermark                                                                                               R. Muchena
T. Tichareva                                        Chess Full Colours                              T. Muronda
M Mabulala                                        M. Seva

It now just leaves me to wish our Form 4 and U6 pupils all the best in their IGCSE and A level exams. I hope they will use their time wisely and that they will not find the next few weeks too stressful.

You will all have received SMS’s to remind you about the payment of school fees.  In the envelope given to your child there will be a statement and a letter informing you of the amount owed.  Please be advised that pupils with payment plans that have been defaulted will not be allowed into school after half term.

At the end of last term an information sheet was sent home with your child so that we could update our contact information data.  We had a very poor response and are still struggling with incorrect email addresses.  During the next 6 weeks I will be asking Ms. Segura to deal with this problem so that our communications continue to improve.  Please can I remind you to visit and like our Hillcrest Page (HillcrestCollege.zw) which will also keep you up to date with all our activities.  We also have a twitter page if you prefer to use that.  Our Website is now up to date so please visit our site for more information on the school.

A couple of exciting school events are lined up for our community to get together and enjoy.  The school and the College SDC are organising an evening of fireworks to be held on the 30th of October at the College.  We will also have a Community Carol Service on 25th November at the Prep School in the Rec Centre.  Please do come and support the school as we prepare for the festive season.   We look forward to your presence.

I wish you all an enjoyable break with your children and I hope they will come back well rested for the 2nd half of the term.                         

Kind regards,
Mrs. A. Holman