Hillcrest Schools Day of Prayer

Thursday, 18 June, 2015

The schools held their first ever day of prayer at the Prep school Rec Centre. The prayers were led by Ryan Touries. Two Prep school pupils led with two bible readings followed by prayers from College pupils.

Each of the eight pupils prayed for something different:

Form 1-Nicole Machona

  • Beauty of the school

Form 2- Tadiwa Mukono

  • Protection of students during travelling and protection against natural elements and restoration of infrastructure.

Form 3 –Farirai Vambe

  • Students’ families and the Hillcrest College family

Form 4- Alex Motsi

  • Staff/SDC/ Management and Board

L6- Kevin Chinyangarara

  • Exam Candidates

U6-Samuel Machona

  • Finances for the schools, business in Mutare

Head girl- Tasimba Muchabaiwa

  • God’s provision for parents in trouble

Head boy- Alistair White

  • The nation and its leaders