Thursday, 10 April, 2014

Dear Parents and Guardians

The term has come to an end. We would like to take this opportunity to thank parents for their unwavering support during this busy term.  It is always refreshing to see parents around the school especially when they look around and give some constructive comments about the children’s behaviour and green fields.  We feel flattered.


The Cambridge 2013 Checkpoint, IGCSE and ‘A’ Level results are out and we are pleased with our pupils’ performance.  We would like to congratulate our children for their impressive performance.

Two of our own pupils, Krishan Rana and Carly Kies, were invited by C.I.E Manager, Mark Barber, to attend the Cambridge Learner Awards ceremony which was held at Meikles Hotel on Thursday, 13th March, 2013 at 18.00hrs.  The pupils’ excellent performance in June, 2013 ‘AS’ exams was recognised by guest speakers from Cambridge, the Chief Executive and Minister of Education, as well as The British Council and The Joshua Nkomo Scholarship Fund, a partner in these prestigious awards.  Carly Kies was top in Maths in Zimbabwe in June 2013 examination series and Krishan Rana was top in Zimbabwe in Physics.  Their teachers, families and Headmaster were invited.  We are extremely happy to congratulate these exceptional students on their academic performance and achievements.

Academic Colours
1.    ‘A’ Level Half Colours  

  • R. Dzingai        1A  & 2C’s   
  • T. Singaazi        2B’s & 1C

2.    ‘A’ Level Full Colours

  • T. Chemvura       2A*’s & 1A (Re-award)
  • N. Muzorori         2A’s & 1C
  • N. Kupemba         1A*, 1B & 1C
  • T. Maramba        1A*, 1B & 1C
  • A. Chan- Jack       1A, 1B & 1C

3.    ‘A’ LEVEL HONOURS AWARD  (for outstanding academic performance at National level & received a
    national award)

  • C. Kies           2A*’s & 1A
  • K. Rana         2A*’s & 1A

4.    IGCSE/’O’ Level Half Colours (should have 5A’s but less than 8A’s)

  • T. Majuru                   2A*’s & 5A’s
  • T. Chagombera        2A*’s,  3A’s & 4B’s
  • K. Mushapaidze    1A’* & 5A’s
  • W. Munguma              1A* & 5A’s
  • T. Zinhumwe              1A*,  4A’s & 4B’s
  • T. Matare                    1A* & 4A’s
  • B. Rusawo                    5A’s & 2B’s

5.    IGCSE/ 'O’Level Full Colours  (should have at least 8A’s)

  • C. Mazara               8A*’s,  1A  & 1B
  • A. White                   7A*’s,  1A  & 1B
  • T. Gwasira                6A*’s & 4A’s
  • T. Mazara                 6A*’s,  3A’s  & 1B
  • E. Chitakatira            4A*’s,  4A’s  & 2B’s
  • R. Mberi                     2A*’s,  6A’s  & 1B
  • T. Muchabaiwa      1A*,  8A’s  & 1B

2014 Athletics Tags & Colours Awards
1. Team Tag Re-awards

  • T. Matare
  • B. Rusawo
  • F. Mungwari
  • S. Matongo
  • T. Hancock
  • T. Gonese
  • T. Sagombeto
  • K. Chintonkoma

2.  Team Tag Awards

  • R. Hamadziripi
  • C. Hundermark
  • M. Kadzura
  • Y. Thomas

3. Full Colours Re-award

  • M. Mtisi
  • F. Masawi

4. New Full Colours Awards

  • T. Matare (High jump, Javelin)
  • Y. Thomas (Hurdles 4x400m)
  • P. Chiutsi (400m)
  • I. Farirayi (Shotput)
  • E. Dozva (Long & Triple jump)
  • S. Muyambo

5.  Athletics Honours Award   (For outstanding performance at National level & must receive a national award)

  • R. Muzinde



Our cricket teams played three fixtures. Our first team lost to Watershed and won against Westridge and Eagelsvale.  T. Sagombeto, A. White, T. Matongo and young S. Matsaira have been outstanding this season.  In the junior teams M. Essak and T. Mutseriwa have been outstanding. Our U16 side won two games and lost one game to Eaglesvale.

Girls’ tennis team has played three games against Peterhouse B and C teams and Gateway. Our first team has done quite well by winning two fixtures and losing one. R. Magwere, M. Mtisi and T. Gadzikwa have been outstanding.

The girl’s swimming team participated in a swimming gala where we came 4th out of 8 schools.  A. Hundermark, A. Manyarara, K. Jones, M. Muchafa, R. Bryer and T. Grottis were outstanding at the Les Brown Swimming Gala.

During the course of the term, we held our Zonal Athletics Competitions (Friday, 14th February, 2014). We came first among the 6 schools in the zone viz, St. Augustine’s, Hartzell, Tsvingwe, St. Georges Muchena and Chiremba school.   Our junior athletes found the going tough, but our U20 boys and girls rose to the occasion and won all the relays they competed in. Outstanding performance was from F. Masawi, R. Mzinde, M. Mtisi, P. Chiutsi, A. White, T. Chipurura, I. Farirayi, Y. Thomas and T. Matare.

We are proud to write that from district championships, 23 of our pupils qualified to compete in the provincial competitions, where they were even more challenging antagonistic teams from 8 districts, ours included. Our district came out third and out of the 23 pupils, 8 pupils qualified for the national championships, scooping 8 gold medals, undoubtedly a no mean achievement.

On the 22nd to the 23rd of March 2014, our athletes represented us in the National Championships held at Peterhouse and continued souring high.  Ruva Mzinde won two gold medals for 100m and 200m, Mazvita Mtisi scooped a gold medal in the 100m hurdles, Yvonne Thomas and Mazvita Mtisi won a silver medal in the medley relay and Farai Masawi won a bronze medal in the 4 X100m relay.
It was a wonderful experience to see Yvonne, Mazvita and Ruvarashe breaking the National record by more than a second, automatically becoming the national champions for 4 X 100m. We acknowledge the unparalleled effort, commitment and dedication shown by the athletes and their mentors.

Interhouse Athletics

Position House Points
FirstBvumba1 289
SecondChimanimani1 258.5
ThirdNyangani1 160.5


South Africa Tour
The Rugby and Boys & Girls Hockey teams travelled to South Africa on 30th March, 2014 and returned home on the 8th of April.  The tour was a huge success with the following results;

1st Game:    Hillcrest    38    St. Martins    12
Innocent Farirayi and Tinashe Gonese were outstanding.

2nd Game:    Hillcrest    10    Alberton High    5
        This was our biggest win on tour.  Tinashe Mungwari was outstanding.

3rd Game:    Hillcrest    17    Redhill    High    7
        Simbarashe Ruwanika and Tinashe Gonese were outstanding.

Boys’ Hockey
1st Game:    Hillcrest    3    St. Martins    1
        The boys displayed a good team spirit with Tavonga Mangidza scoring all the goals.

2nd Game:    Hillcrest    13    Alberton High    0
        One of the Alberton players asked of the Hillcrest Team, ‘Is this a School Team or a
National Team?’  This was the match of the tour.  The boys did us proud.

3rd Game:    Hillcrest    1    St. Martins Old Boys    2
        It was a splendid match indeed.  The boys, however, lost concentration towards the
end of the game and this cost them the match.

4th Game:    Hillcrest    1    Redhill    High    2
        We started off very well in the first half but faded as the match progressed as fatigue
got the better of us.  Alistair White had a brilliant match.  The Team Captain, Sasha
Chioza led from the front and played well in all the four matches.

Girls’ Hockey
The girls played fantastic hockey against one fair side – similar size St. Martins and the two bigger schools Redhill High and Alberton High.

1st Game:    Hillcrest    6    St. Martins    0

2nd Game:    Hillcrest    4    Alberton High    0

3rd Game:    Hillcrest    4    Redhill High     0

Our top goal scorers were:    

  • M. Mtisi    -    4 Goals
  • T. Gadzikwa    -    4 Goals
  • S. Matongo    -    3 Goals
  • N. Nyanhanda     -    2 Goals
  • R. Hamadziripi    -    1 Goal

We had a very fruitful Speech and Drama training workshop organised by Kathy Norman of the National Allied Arts.  Our facilitators were Mr. James Carey from the United States working with local facilitators Musa Saruro and Bob Mutumbi from the Allied Arts team.  The workshop was aimed at equipping teachers with practical skills to help their students prepare for the annual festival which will be held in Harare from 23rd June – 12th July 2014.  Eighteen teachers from our local schools also took part.

Our sincere thanks go to Kathy Norman for organising this informative outreach programme.

This term our music club and choirs participated in the Allied Arts Festival held at the Eisteddfod in Harare and our musicians posted good results as detailed below:

Marimba BandMarimba Ensemble Band1st Grade Plus
Gabriella Mashiki Vocal Solo, African Contemporary: 13 – 15yrs2nd Grade Plus
Perseverance JeraVocal Solo, African Contemporary: 13 – 15yrs3rd Grade Plus
Ruvarashe MundangepfupfuVocal Solo, African Contemporary: 16 – 18yrs2nd Grade Plus
Jazz BandJazz Ensemble: Senior School1st Grade
K. Kaisi & S. ZvidiVocal Duet: 16 – 18yrs2nd Grade
AcafellazVocal Ensemble: Open1st Grade
Senior ChoirChoirs: Senior Mixed2nd Grade Plus
Chelsea ChipambaVocal Solo, African Gospel: 16 – 18yrs1st Grade Plus
Senior Mixed Ensemble Vocal Ensemble, African Gospel: SeniorHonours


These competitions were held at the Harare Bridge Club on Sunday 30th March, 2014.  There were representatives from 8 schools participating, with about a hundred players competing.  The results were as follows;

Melissa Chisenwa and Chido Katsvanga came 10th out of 16 in the ‘B’ Room.
Tariro Nyamudeza and Archibald Shoniwa came 3rd out of 16 in the ‘B’ Room.
Blessing Masunda and Tinashe Gonese also did well to come 3rd out of 16 in the ‘A’ Room which means that they came 3rd overall.


The holidays will give us an opportunity to reconstruct our school.  Permanent repairs to damaged buildings will start as soon as pupils leave for their vacation.

The 2014 form ones had a very exciting and educative camp at Udu in Nyanga from the 17th to the 21st of March, 2014.

As a College, we are committed to providing a caring, safe, friendly and secure environment for all our pupils so they can learn in a conducive atmosphere. Comprehensive preventive measures have been put in place which include drawing pupils’ attention to our clear College rules and regulations on bullying. We constantly remind pupils about the behaviour contract already signed and occasionally we have frank discussions on bullying. Our position is abundantly clear. As a school we are totally against bullying of any kind whatsoever. Students and parents should be assured that they will be fully supported when bullying is reported.

We would like to appreciate our boarders for their resilience during the turbulent and challenging times brought about by the Hailstorm damage.  Permanent repairs to the hostels will commence as soon as we close schools.  It is hoped that significant progress will be made before schools open for Term 2.

It is time to check whether your children have adequate warm clothing items and blankets as required at school and hostel.  Our winters at times can be very cold. Remember that all clothing items should be labelled for easy identification at laundry.  Parents are reminded to bring their children back to hostel before 6 pm. The access road to hostel is very slippery during the rainy season and due caution should be taken.

We would like to say farewell to Mr. Caiombo, Mr. Rumhungwe and Ms. Faducu who were on teaching practice as well as Mr. C. Muyambwa, Mr. Dlodlo, Ms. S. Fatouma and Mr. B. Mwale who were standing in for those of our teachers on maternity leave.   We sincerely thank these fine ladies and gentlemen for their selfless service and contribution to our school and wish them well in their new endeavours.

Many thanks to the Board for their keen interest in the school and their unparalleled support.

Accounts Office hours during the holiday will be as follows:

11th April, 2014 - 17th April, 2014    -    The office will be open between 8.00am and 4.00pm
Mondays to Fridays only.
22nd April, 2014 – 2nd May, 2014        -    The office will be open between 8.00am and 1.00pm
Mondays to Fridays only.
5th May, 2014 – 12th May, 2014        -    The office will be open between 8.00am and 4.00pm
Mondays to Fridays only.

We urge all parents to attend to any outstanding issues on children’s statements and payments of school fees for 2nd Term by the last Friday of the holiday to ensure a smooth start to the term.

School opens on Tuesday, 13th May, 2014.  All boarders should be back at Farmcrest Hostel on the 12th of May by 4.00pm.   

I wish you all a happy and restful holiday.