Cambridge May/June 2020 Exams Update

Tuesday, 21 April, 2020

Dear colleagues
Greetings.  What unprecedented times we are living in; the matter of science fiction films and books.
Our decision not to hold our international examinations in the May/June 2020 series in any country was taken after much consideration; not least because many schools are closed and countries are under lockdown.  This cancellation is not unique to Cambridge, most awarding bodies and ministries of education have taken similar decisions.

This special newsletter is to ensure that the various communiques from Cambridge have been received.  My colleagues in Cambridge have kept the various communications as succinct as possible as we realise that everyone is under pressure and there is a risk of information overload.  I wish to make a plea that the communications are fully read as they contain vital information and dates.  Important dates include those by when entries may be made (or re-entered) and the final date by which entries may be withdrawn.  The process by when Cambridge requires the forecast grades is being finalised and the date by when forecast grades are required is not finalised as yet – please keep an eye out for this communique. We are aware that many schools are closed at this juncture and accessing the information is challenging.

Important links to guidance and news below. 

All of the best and stay safe.

Juan Visser 
Regional Director, Sub-Saharan Africa