2016 Cambridge Examination Results

Wednesday, 25 January, 2017

Hillcrest College 2016 Cambridge Examination Results

Hillcrest College would like to congratulate the following pupils for outstanding performance in the 2016 Cambridge October/November examination session.

 Congratulations, in particular to the following pupils who achieved outstanding results in the Advanced Level examinations:

Garikayi Nyakudya with three A* in Maths, Physics and Chemistry; Mauro Piccin with three As in Maths Economics and Business Studies and Minal Harjivan Chouhan with one A and two Bs in Maths, Chemistry and Physics. The overall Advanced level pass rate for the whole school was 88% and the percentage pass rate of pupils passing two or more subjects was 93%. Accounting, Computer Science, Design and Technology, Economics, French, History, Literature in English, Physics and Travel and Tourism recording a 100% pass rate.

At AS Level the pass rate was 89% with Biology and History achieving a 100% pass rate.  General Paper and Mathematics had 95%, Applied ICT 86% and Geography 84%

At IGCSE Level the pass rate was 73%. The following pupils had outstanding results ; Blossom Kafumbata 3A*s, 5As and 1B; Fatima Mubashar 3A*s, 5As, and 1B; Samantha Dhliwayo 2A*s and 4As; Tanyaradzwa Maswaure 6As and 2Cs and Bianca Rusawo with 2A*s, 3As and 2Bs.