Thursday, 18 June, 2015

Dear Parents and Guardians

I have been overwhelmed at the very warm welcome that I have received from the Staff and Pupils at school.  It is great to be back in Mutare and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting back into the swing of things at the College.

The start of the term has been busy with the mid-year Cambridge exams beginning soon after the term began.  These exams have gone well and the Form 4’s have just completed their Zimsec English exam.  Mid-year exams begin on 6th July, so please encourage your children to settle down to some serious study time whenever possible.  They have all received their Student Planners which have been well monitored by the Form Teachers this term, so I do hope these will help improve their work ethic and study times.

Assessment Assembly
In our assessment assembly, I was very pleased to announce that the following pupils were awarded 7 honours and above in this term’s Form 1 to 4 assessments as well as the pupils with 2 honours and above in Lower & Upper 6.  I commend them for their hard work and I look forward to more pupils joining this group.

7 Honours  8 Honours 9 Honours 10 Honours
Form 1 Form 1 Form 1 Form 1
Tariro Njenda Nicole Machona Moreblessing Chitowa Nyasha Kanyenze
    Sarah Ndawi Tadiwanashe Zishiri
Form 2 Form 2  Form 2  
Shechinah Chirendo Ashleigh Manyarara Vongai Gonese  
    Tadiwanashe Mukono  
Form 3 Form 3 Form 3  
Farirai Vambe Gamuchirai Musumbu Junica Mutavayi  
Marvin Torindo  Junior Mutavayi Blossom Kafumbata  
Rutendo Muzorori      
  Form 4    
  Tafadzwa Mwashita    
Lower 6 Academic Upper 6 Academic Upper 6 Commercial
2 Honours   2 Honours 2 Honours 
Rudaviro Chayira Chiedza Chiwanza  Gamuchirai Mtatiwa
Maggie Chikanda Tayla Ewart   Tatenda Muchirahondo
Minali Chouhan Langelihle Mpofu *****
Panashe Mupinda Robin Muchena  
Sipho Matsaira  Tinashe Majuru-Nyarusara  
  Kudzwayi Marara  
  Takudzwa Muronda  
  Kudzai Tiengane  
  Nyasha Vambe  
  Tadiwanashe Mazara  
3 Honours      
Rachael Tuhwe    

It has been a busy and successful start to the winter term.  All results in both hockey and rugby have been good and I am impressed especially with the boys’ 1st Team Hockey results.  Many of our players have made the MCD teams.  Please see the selection below:

Boys’ Hockey

MCD U19 ‘A’ TeamMCD U19 ‘B’ Team
Alistair WhiteMunashe Madzudzo
Tavonga MangidzaMuashe Mrewa
Nathaniel NkulumoGerald Moonga
Brendan Rusawo Tadiwa Mazara
 Simba Muyambo
MCD U17 ‘B’ TeamMCD U17 Team (Non-Travelling Reserves)
Trevor ChikotosaSean Chioza,
 Gift Ndenda
 Christian Mchemwa

Girls’ Hockey

MCD U18 ‘B’ TeamMCD U17 ‘A’ TeamMCD U17 ‘B’ Team (Non-Travelling Reserves)
Tinotenda TicharevaTakudzwa ChikosiMartha Kondongwe
Tasimbanashe Muchabaiwa Primrose Macherenje
Nyasha NyanheteMCD U17 ‘B’ Team  Martha Kondongwe
Kudzai ZishiriAshlyn Hundermark 
Rachael Tuhwe (Non-Travelling Reserve)  Ashley Ngoro 
 Nicole Machona 


MCD U18 ‘A’ TeamMCD U17 ‘A’ Team
Emmanuel DozvaTinashe Mutseriwa
Dawson PasiraiTapiwa Warara
Solomon GotoTadiwa Muchemwa
 Marvin Torindo


District Girls’ U17 TeamDistrict Boys’ U17 Team
Gamuchirai MusumbuSeanan Weale
Nyengeterai MukwewaJeffrey Nzumakase
Panashe Mbanje Tadiwa Muswere
Mitchelle Mudzamiri 

We have our Winter Fair coming up on the 27th June.  We do hope that you will come and join us in all activities.  The SDC have put together an exciting programme this year with good hockey and rugby fixtures to watch as well.

I have asked the pupils to all contribute $10.00 instead of doing stalls at the fair.  $5.00 will be an entrance fee to all the activities provided and the other $5.00 will go towards the SDC who are raising funds for the development of IT in the classrooms.  The Form Teachers will be collecting this money the week before the fair.  The fair is compulsory for all pupils to attend.  

We also celebrate our 30th Anniversary this year and with this we have organised an Art Exhibition on 26th June, starting at 5.30pm.  Miss Evans has organised the exhibition of your children’s art which will be auctioned.  If your child has something to display, please come and support them and join in the festivities on this special occasion.

We will also be inviting all Old Parents, Staff and Pupils to join us to celebrate the anniversary in the Marquee from 5.00pm to 7.00pm after the rugby match on the 27th June.  Drinks and food will be on sale in the marquee.

We have had a busy term on the cultural front.  I would like to thank the staff and pupils who have been involved in all the out-reach programmes.  The following events have taken place this term:

  • We started off with the Crestcan club attending the KIDZCAN walk at Peterhouse Girls School on Sunday 10th May.  Seven of our senior pupils participated in this walk.  There were a number of people who attended the event and over $30 000.00 was raised.
  • Leos had a civvies day to fundraise for Jairos Jiri Rehabilitation Centre.  They visited Jairos Jiri on Sunday 31st May and donated grocery items bought from the funds raised.  ROI also joined Leos on the visit and donated basketballs and soccer balls.  Sign Language accompanied the two clubs to the centre and the children were able to practise their sign language at Jairos Jiri.
  • The Leo’s Club held their annual Winter Ball at Hillcrest College on 6th June, 2015.  The money raised will be used to buy paint for the dining hall at Jairos Jiri Rehabilitation Centre.
  • Our Bridge team participated in the Inter-Schools Bridge Competition held at St. John’s on 7th June, 2015, and we won two of our games.
  • The Sign Language club visited Nzeve Deaf Centre on 10th June, 2015.  They donated a shovel, some spirit level, a trowel, a hammer, some food items and toiletries.  The children enjoyed themselves and learnt from the practical experience.
  • The L6 Travel & Tourism group hosted a movie night on 12th June, 2015, at Hillcrest College.  The money raised went towards the purchase of a printer and cartridges to print their projects.
  • The Drama Club is preparing for the NIAA Speech & Drama Festival that starts in July.




Please could I ask that all hostel pupils are put onto a Medical Aid by next term.  It is becoming increasingly more difficult for us to deal with the hospitals in Mutare or elsewhere if there is no medical aid.  They demand large sums of money before admitting pupils and this process can become stressful and worrying for staff if they are not in possession of cash at the time.  A medical aid card, preferably CIMAS, would make things a little easier for all of us involved with your child’s welfare.


I noted in the last Newsletter that Mr. Chipato mentioned the use of drugs within the system.  In a follow up to this we have had a guest from Zimbabwe Olympic Committee to discuss and inform the Lower & Upper 6th pupils on this issue.  The talk was informative and I hope that the pupils have all taken into account the good advice given to them on this topic.

I hope you will enjoy the weekend with your children.  They have had a busy term, so they deserve a good break but at the same time they need to make sure that their work is up to date and some preparations for exams would be a good idea!

Kind regards,

Mrs. A. Holman