1. R. Saunyama – (H.O.D)(Shona Teacher)
  2. Ms N. Muzanenhamo – (French Teacher)
  3. Mr. R. Mrenzvi – (Shona Teacher)
  4. Mr M. Mutenje - (Shona Teacher)
  5. Miss F. Mandimutsira - (Shona Teacher)

The greatest benefit of language study is an expanded understanding of diverse, culturally-rooted attitudes and behaviour. Language preserves the history and traditions of a culture. Therefore learning a second language assists in developing and improving communication skills and enhances socio-cultural understanding.

At Hillcrest College the two languages taught are French and Shona as a second language. The study of a second language is compulsory at Form One and Two and becomes optional from Form 3.

French: is taught and assessed according to the learning principles of reading, writing, listening and speaking, as well as a look at the culture of French-speaking countries. At upper level the study of the French course builds up the students’ ability to use and understand basic everyday phrases to describe themselves and their surroundings.

The study of Shona for non-Shona speaking pupils is meant to develop communication skills and promotion of the Shona culture. We offer a lot of varied activities in order to bring the language and culture alive. The pupils often produce entertaining role-plays and there is a lot of fun to be had.

Advantages of studying Shona include;

  • gaining an increased sense of belonging and pride as they come to value Zimbabwe’s indigenous language and unique cultural heritage.
  • easily practice and engage in the language with speakers at school, home and the community.