Ted DeWolf  (H.O.D.) 
I love teaching. It keeps me young. The energy and enthusiasm of our pupils uplifts my soul as we endeavour for perfection in a subject where there is no such thing.
For me, joy comes from moments when all the students “tune in” to the subject at hand – moments when they get so excited about something that they are all talking at once and won’t let me get a word in edgewise.
After 50 years of teaching, I just can’t imagine ever wanting to do anything else.

Stan Mwatunga

Orbert Chipato    

I have got the confidence and competence of 32 years of English literature and language teaching experience. I have never regretted my career choice to pass on my love of literature to enthusiastic pupils. I enjoy every moment of it. These pupils are entertaining and offer a new surprise every day.

My intention is and has always been to INSPIRE a deep love of literature, sound knowledge and confidence in speaking, reading, thinking critically and writing fluently about Literature and English Language.

The greatest joy in teaching comes when you receive messages, accolades and testimonies on a job well done. It is this legacy and reputation that carries me forward to new heights.


Special activities:

The Contact Magazine

The Crest Magazine

School Drama

Public Speaking

  • Interhouse Drama
  • Interhouse Debate
  • Interschools debate competition
  • Interschools essay writing competitions
  • Interschools poetry writing competitions


Form 1:
Cambridge Checkpoint English first language
Form 2:
Cambridge Checkpoint English first language



Form 3:                                   
Cambridge IGCSE First language English                
Cambridge IGCSE Literature in English

Form 4:        
Cambridge IGCSE First language English
Cambridge IGCSE Literature in English
Form L6:
Cambridge AS level literature in English
Cambridge AS level General Paper

Form U6:
Cambridge A level literature in English