At Hillcrest College music has always had a strong tradition of excellence and it still holds its pride and place in the school’s cultural sphere. The Senior and Junior choir ensembles always attract large participation, making them one the biggest student groupings in the school. Some of the musical successes include the recording of the very successful Simba Mate CD, invitation to perform at various events in and outside the school, participating in National Allied Arts competitions. We have seen so many talented musicians in our midst, pupils like Rudo Dozva, Mwarianesu Mutsaka, Hannah-Febie Tapera, Zoe Manhanga, Melissa Mashiki and Thomas, Gwasira to name but a few.
Choir is open to all students from Form 1 to Upper Six who can sing.

Senior Choir 

Patrons: Mrs. R. Saunyama & Mr. R. Mrenzvi

Committee Members