Farmcrest Hostel

Boarding is a way of life at Farmcrest Hostel, where pupils live and share as part of a community and develop friendships that last a lifetime. Built in a peaceful setting, one kilometre from the main school’s central facilities, the purposefully built hostels provide a wonderful opportunity for the boarders to experience a greater degree of independence and privacy.

Our boarders learn independence, time-management skills and responsibility and, with guidance and support from the hostel parents, they learn how to balance academic work with social time.

Our existing boarding facilities provide small, comfortable and happy dormitories for junior boys, junior girls, senior boys and senior girls. The dormitories are happy, comfortable places, each taking on the characteristics of their inhabitants. Today, more than 40% of our pupils are boarders and demand for boarding place is always high. As a result we are adding a dedicated sixth form dormitory for boys, construction is in progress.

A hostel superintendent, supported by boys and girls resident hostel parents play a major part in preparing our young people not only with their academic and social well-being but, more significantly, for life itself. The boarders have independence and responsibility whilst remaining under the same caring environment enjoyed by all who live and work in the Hillcrest College community.

Farmcrest Hostel Team

  • Superintendent :        Mr. Blessing Mwale
  • Boys Hostel Parent:   Mr. Itayi Nhema
  • Girls Hostel Parent:    Ms. Sibusiso Nyanhanda