Board Of Governors

The Board of Governors is the guardian of the schools’ mission and core values. They set the strategic policies for the future well-being of the schools. New governors are nominated by the parent community.

The role of the Board
The Board is responsible for directing the administration of the schools in accordance with the principles of the Mission Statement.

The Board is responsible for:

  • Establishing the policies of the schools.
  • The continued success of the schools.
  • The character and size of Hillcrest schools.
  • Advocacy of the schools.
  • Developing a strategic plan and overseeing the schools’ finances.
  • Maintaining Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education standards.

Board Members

Mrs. V. Jakazi  (Chairperson)
Mr.R. Chiwandire (Finance Committee Chairperson)
Mrs. C. Murray (Chairperson College Management Committee)
Mr.M. Grottis (Chairperson Preparatory School Management Committee)
Mr. P. Makombe (Legal Adviser)
Mr. S. Mandoza
Mr. A. Van Maarseveen
Prof. M. Furusa

Mr. B. Makani


Mr O. Chipato –  Acting College Headmaster
Mr.J. Mutangadura – Preparatory School Headmaster
Ms. M. Mukondiwa – Schools Administrator
Ms. S. Simango (Board Secretary)


Mr. Dave Meikle
Mr. George Lock