About Hillcrest College


Hillcrest has a tradition of excellence and achievement, but this is only part of the bigger picture. Of great importance to us are the relationships and experiences that nurture the development of your child. What are the characteristics we wish to see in all of our pupils as espoused in our mission statement?

We aspire to:

Develop in every child self-reliance, determination, responsibility, compassion and boldness, and also foster a sense of respect, collegiality, the intellectual freedom to be creative, the confidence and enterprise to initiate and the resilience to cope with adversity.

Ensure every child is ambitious, confident, and articulate, with excellent social skills and a secure, moral framework and, at the end of their school career, gains a place at a college or university of their choice.

How do we achieve this?

By ensuring that learning is motivating, rewarding, stimulating and leads to success. This is the most important thing that happens in our schools.

We recognise that each pupil learns differently and that making mistakes and taking risks are both part of learning. We set out to create opportunities to realise, recognise and reward the best in everyone. This is achieved through learning that is carefully tailored to the individual and is bold.

We are a diverse community where individuality is valued and this is apparent in how we behave. We encourage intellectual curiosity and aim to help each boy and girl to develop independence of mind and spirit. Vitally important to this development is the breadth and depth of our co-curricular opportunities. Our pupils discover their own creativity, abilities and strengths through a range of sporting and cultural activities which run in parallel with and are as important as their academic development.

We embrace diversity and aim to foster understanding between people of different backgrounds. We welcome children of all faiths and of none: our values and traditions are broadly Christian.

These complementary elements give Hillcrest Schools its particular character. Our pupils are part of a friendly, stimulating community that prepares them well for whatever life they choose to follow.

Our focus is to instil a lasting desire for learning by each child having the opportunity to explore, to know, to do, to share and to be.